Philosophy and Core Values


The sourcing of strategic partners abroad to perform critical functions is never a simple task. Understanding local business cultures, assessing uncertainty and instability and identifying key partners that are up to the most demanding service-level standards are key issues that many organizations struggle to address.  

MVD Free Airport is challenging that status quo in the cargo terminal realm. With a comprehensive solution that encompasses state-of-the-art infrastructure, process automation and a carefully designed client-centered information system that provides real-time traceability and remote operation possibilities, it puts our client’s peace of mind at the center of our organizational strategy.


We believe that in business relationships there are certain pillars such as trust, transparency and certainty that must be upheld at all times. Our relationships with our clients must be based on mutual trust, a trust that must be maintained with transparency and full disclosure, this transparency in turn providing our clients the certainty and peace of mind needed to continue adding value to their day-to-day.

In MVD we put the clients at the center of our organizational strategy and validating their trust through operational excellence is our daily task.

Pillars of our value proposition

Attractive tax incentives and restriction-free repatriation of profits

Tax and Legal framework

  • Income Tax free

  • General property Tax free for foreign people (IP)

  • Value Added Tax free (I.V.A)

  • Merchandise circulation free of fees

  • Restriction free movement of capital and repatriation of profits

  • Best-in-class technology for cargo verification

Capability to handle cargo arriving by any mode of transportation

Multimodal Transport Capabilities

  • Reception of cargo via land, sea or air

  • Consolidate shipments at MVD Free Airport

  • Dispatching of cargo via land, sea or air

Provides safeguards and traceability of all aspects related to cargo

Best-in-Class Infrastructure

  • 10,000 mt2 of storage

  • 1.100 mt2 of controlled temp storage with value-added areas

  • 3.500 mt2 of office space

Centralize distribution to several markets via postponement

Primary and Secondary Packaging Capabilities

  • Late customization activities

  • Blistering

  • Labelling, repackaging, etc.

  • Highly specialized staff

  • CEIV Pharma Certification (In Progress)

Guarantees the integrity of the cargo

High Security

  • Facilities under military surveillance

  • +130 camera CCTV System

  • Restricted access

  • Distance to plane: 1 minute

  • Best-in-class technology for cargo verification

Guarantees SLA standards and accuracy of critical data

Process Design and automation

  • Automated data capturing and processing

  • Tailored SOPs

  • CEIV Pharma certification (in progress)

  • Highly-specialized Staff