Pharma.Aero Puts Focus on the Development of Pharma Corridors

Montevideo, October 14th 2019

Pharma.Aero Puts Focus on the Development of Pharma Corridors


MVD Free Airport is proud to be a founding member of Pharma.Aero, a powerful cross-industry collaboration for Pharma Shippers, CEIV certified cargo communities, airport operators and other air cargo industry stakeholders.  With its vision to achieve excellence in reliable end-to-end air transportation for pharma shippers and foster collaboration between CEIV certified airport communities dedicated in developing and leading when it comes to handling pharmaceutical, it is now putting focus on translating that vision to the development of pharmaceutical corridors in order to provide traceability and certainty when accessing different emerging markets around the globe.

“We understand the challenges the airfreight industry has, particularly in highly volatile, heterogeneous regions”, said Bruno Guella, Treasurer at Pharma.Aero and Managing Director at MVD Free Airport. “We need to provide certainties to shippers who need guarantees that the premium they are incurring in airfreight are translated to quality processes and measurable results”.

Nathan De Valck, Pharma.Aero Chariman and Cargo & Product Development Manager at Brussels Airport Company added that “Our experience developing the BRU-HK corridor was quite challenging, yet we were able to see the results materialized in tangible value for the air cargo community”. “We are grateful to all the stakeholders that contributed in making this a reality and a success story that can be replicated in other regions around the globe”, he concluded.

Pharma.Aero’s General Assembly and Project Update meeting will be held this upcomming November 19th in Budapest, Hungary, during TIACA’s Executive Summit.