MVD Free Airport present at BME Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress

Frankfurt, March 1st 2018

MVD Free Airport Discusses Global Pharma Distribution at BME Pharma Supply Chain Congress

MVD Free Airport recently attended the BME Global Supply Chain Congress which took place in February in Frankfurt, Germany as part of its organizational strategy to stay up to speed with global trends and tendencies in pharmaceutical supply chain, while contributing insights from the perspective of emerging market distribution.

“Being continuously up to speed with the present and the future of global pharmaceutical supply chain is key to ensure that we are helping pharma companies the right way in their distribution efforts to Brazil, Argentina and the rest of south America.”, mentioned Maximiliano Lema, Head of Client Advisory for MVD Free Airport.  “By continuously speaking to colleagues regarding challenges, obstacles, best practices and lessons learnt, we are able to incorporate and share significant know-how in terms of better understanding our clients, their mindset, as well as the direction that the industry as a whole is taking”.

“It is very important, however, taking into account the globalization of the supply chain and the commercial and growth opportunities found primarily in emerging markets, to help global players understand the regional and local implications of supply chain distribution from an idiosyncratic, infrastructural and quality process perspective”, added Maximiliano. “South America in particular is a very heterogeneous region, with different implications from market to market in terms of customs, regulatory affairs, infrastructure, IT, etc.” He concluded that “Players that do not understand these implications and the lessons learnt are bound to transit the same learning experience hitting the same dead-ends and obstacles, and here is where the synergy in continuously sharing information is found”.

MVD Free Airport will be present at Logipharma in upcoming April in Montreux, and looks forward to continue helping shape a quality and efficient approach to pharma distribution in South America.



MVD Free Airport is a business unit of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

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