MVD Free Airport Implements 3 New Managed Access Distribution Set-Ups

Montevideo, April 2nd 2019

Global Managed Access companies continue to choose MVD Free Airport as their distribution hub for South America


MVD Free Airport continues to innovate in managed access distribution in the region, providing a GDP compliant platform for international players to ensure medication reaches the consignee safely. In the past quarter it successfully implemented 3 additional programs for managed access distribution to South America.


“We understand the implications of being part of the logistics of managed access programs”, mentioned Karina Salles, Head of Quality Assurance at MVD Free Airport. “Each one of the boxes that we handle are critical to the health of patients with serious or life-threatening diseases that cannot be treated under the current regulatory framework in their countries.  We need to treat each one of those boxes as if it were meant for one of our very own family  members and this is the culture that has permeated in every level of our organization” she concluded.


The current methodology is tailored to each shipper’s commercial activity in the region. “Frequently single units arrive, minor conditioning under strict SOPs is performed and the product is dispatched the same day”, mentioned Salles. “In other instances, the entire yearly dosage for a patient may be shipped in a single haul, and it is picked and shipped on a monthly basis and upon request from the shipper. Other shippers opt to keep bonded stock at our airport free zone and upon market requirements pick, pack and ship achieving same day delivery to the majority of South American cities”, she added.


When asked as to whether MVD Free Airport performs additional conditioning activities if need she mentioned “We currently source, stock and condition +2+8 packaging material, prepare shipments, insert country specific documentation such as invoices or leaflets, sticker, amongst others. All these activities are performed in a standardized fashion and are audited regularly both by our internal Quality Assurance department as well as the client, upon their request”, finalized Salles.


Today MVD Free Airport has several managed access operations on premises distributing to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.



MVD Free Airport is part of Corporación America, the parent Company that also manages the concessions of the Carrasco International Airport and Punta Del Este Airport in Uruguay, alongside over 50 airports and 10 cargo terminals in 10 countries across 3 continents.

MVD Free Airport is a business unit of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

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