Dedicated Europe – South America Pharma Route

Montevideo, November 30th 2017

MVD Free Airport participates in the design of a dedicated Europe – South America Pharma Route

The globalization of the supply chain combined with the burgeoning commercial opportunities in emerging markets is presenting global players with unprecedented distribution challenges. The incremented volumes of cargo to emerging markets has generated a context of uncertainty and complexity in terms of availability, foreseeability, quality assurance and costs. Brazil and Argentina, countries that combined represent the third largest global emerging market are resuming economic growth after more than 3 turbulent years. This is having significant impact in the import volumes of cargo in general and generating an overall regional context that remains uncertain moving forward, an uncertainty towards which pharma shippers have particular sensitivity.


Given this challenging context, Uruguay is currently being analyzed and selected by leading global pharmaceutical companies as an entry point for South American distribution due to its economic and political stability, service-level reliability, state-policy towards its positioning as a regional logistics platform and beneficial tax and legal framework. With its multimodal transport capabilities, cargo can be shipped to Uruguay and distributed in the region by land, sea or air.


Understanding the challenging regional air freight context to which Uruguay is currently subject, MVD Free Airport is working closely with, pharma shippers, airlines and freight forwarders globally in the design of a dedicated pharma route from Europe to Montevideo ensuring connectivity between Europe and the region and providing several last-mile distribution possibilities. The design of the route is 100% pharma specific, including a pharma-certified gateway in Europe, an exclusive freighter and a pharma-certified regional distribution center in Montevideo, Uruguay.


The benefits of this route for pharmaceutical shippers include guaranteed weekly allocation, end-to-end route cost-efficiencies, shipments via an integral pharma route, temp excursions and security risk mitigation, strategic check-points eliminating the risk of held cargo at local customs due to documentation discrepancies, as well as a multimodal, tax-exempt distribution platform with primary and secondary packaging capabilities at MVD Free Airport to perform the last-mile more efficiently.


Current stages of the development process include the validation of future volumes by several leading global pharma players and the commencement of the diligence process for the identification of the most competitive carriers.



MVD Free Airport is a business unit of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

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