Management Team

Bruno Guella


Managing director

With 12+ years experience in cargo-terminal operations, Bruno is acting Managing Director at MVD Free Airport. Under his leadership, MVD Free Airport has positioned itself as a best-in-class cargo-terminal operator specializing in cold-chain management. He has led a company-wide transformation process including the development of state-of-the-art infrastructure, proprietary client-centric MIS, and the development of an executive and operational team that always maintains a client-first approach.

Bruno also acts as the Cargo Terminal Director for Corporación America’s global cargo operations where he has developed a global vision of the cargo business in Corporación America´s global network of airports.

He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration

Hans Guiscardo


Senior Manager, Global Accounts

Hans brings 5+ years experience implementing staffing solutions for Fortune 500 on a global scale. He has worked closely with different corporate business functions throughout Lat Am, EMEA, APAC and the U.S. successfully designing and implementing recruitment models tailored to organizational needs and country-specific cultural, economic and social conditions.

Prior to joining MVD Free Airport Hans led the expansión process of woOw!, the fastest growing e-commerce company in the region from the ground floor.

He holds a degree in Philosophy and International Business and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Alfonso Diez de Medina


Senior Manager, Operations

Alfonso has been playing key roles in cargo terminal management since joining the organization in 2010. As Senior Manager of Operations, he is responsibe for all critical process design and implementation, with a clear focus on client-centricity and continuous improvement.

With a team comprising of 50+ people, Alfonso is leading a transformation process that positions MVD Free Airport as a genuine “best-in-class” cargo terminal operator cemented on finely tuned processes and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

He holds an Industrial Engineering degree from the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires.

Karina Salles


Head of Quality Assurance

Karina comes with 8+ years experience in leadership roles overseeing industrial and logistic processes. She is responsable for ensuring the integrity of all cargo, as well as designing and implementing prevention and risk-management simulations and protocols.

She leads all certification processes ensuring compliance with the most demanding global standards in terms of infrastructure, internal processes and documentation.

Prior to MVD Free Airport, Karina lead all the thermical process activities at Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay. She holds a degree in Food Engineering as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Daniel Berrutti


Facilities Manager

Daniel brings over 30 years of experience in cargo terminal facilities management having supervised MVD Free Airport’s infrastructure development from the ground floor.

Among his responsibilities are the supervision of campus security, operational safety, infrastructure as well as the relationship management with all governmental organizations working on premises.

He leads all vendor relations, due diligence processes as well as participates actively in the vendor evaluation process to ensure they are up to internal quality standards.

Carla Sarti


Client Advisor

Carla brings 5+ years experience in international freight management. As Client Advisor, Carla oversees initial stages of client engagements, ensurings all needs and requests are met on a timely basis. She has a key role liasing with Business Intelligence to ensure all operational data is readily available and works closely with other corporate functions to ensure timely communication with all clients and an above-par service delivery.

Previously Carla played key operational roles in organizations such as Lexmark and IFS Neutral Maritime Services. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations.

Sebastián Aguirre


Head of Administration

As Head of Administration, Sebastian currently leads all administrative processes. In essence, his responsability is to make all administrative and billing processes seamless and cristal clear. Having been with the organization for 10+ years Sebastian knows the ins and outs of the business becoming a key asset in the organizational day-to-day.

His academic background lies in the Business Administration field.