Pharma Hub

MVD Free Airport possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure for the storage and conditioning of pharmaceutical products including clinical trial, animal health and medical devices.

Pharma Hub 1

Total Capacity 9600 m3 40 x 22 in area and 12,50 m in height

Value-Added Areas

Docks with coating

15º a 25º chamber: 720 pallet positions

2º a 8º C chamber: 120 pallet positions



  • Air treatment system HVAC - ROBATHERM. Units equipped with high-precision temperature and humidity control sensors
  • Data registry within 10 minute intervals with programmed alarms via SMS and email
  • All equipment under full compliance of data protection and inviolability laws and validated by NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology - USA).


  • 380 V system, Diesel generator model DFEJ 50 Hz, with 500 KVA capacity.
  • Special movement sensors for high altitudes (2.5 to 10m), nominal tensión: 230 V.


  • 20 CCTV cameras
  • Central Access Monitoring System –Lenel system
  • Edwards fire control system


  • IQ - OQ - PQ
  • Fully trained team in SOP and best practices.

Pharma Hub 2 (In Construction)

  • Additional 1200 m2 of warehousing capacity.
  • +15 +25 and +2 +8 temperature range
  • Quarantine area and storage of packaging material
  • Secondary conditioning facilities
  • Office Space

Pharma Hub 2

Estimated Completion Phase: August 2019