AstraZeneca Nominated for the Logipharma Awards 2017

Montevideo, October 12th 2017

AstraZeneca Nominated for the Logipharma Awards 2017


The global pharmaceutical Company with headquarters based in London has recently implemented a strategic Logistics operation in Uruguay deserving the nomination to the prestigious Logipharma Awards 2017 taking place in Stuttgart, Germany. This nomination cements Astrazeneca’s positioning as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide, with focus on the research, development manufacturing and commercialization of high-value prescription medicine for the betterment of the health and quality of life of its patients around the globe.


We spoke in detail with AstraZeneca to learn more about their operations in Uruguay:

Uruguay Smart Services: ¿What businesses do you develop from Uruguay?

AstraZeneca: The Company developed a Logistics operation for the distribution of imported finished goods to Brazil. The products transit via Uruguay after sea and air long hauls, are consolidated and shipped via truck to our Cotía plant, in the state of SP-Brazil.

Uruguay Smart Services: ¿How many people are involved in the operations?

AstraZeneca: AZ counts with strategic Support of its local branch and the process involves a number of customs agents, transport agents, forwarders, and the cargo terminal in Uruguay’s free Airport.

Uruguay Smart Services: ¿Why have you been nominated for this award?

AstraZeneca: This Project delivered very important results to AstraZeneca’s operations. The travel times are very stable, damages were reduced and the temperature excursions were reduced dramatically. For these reasons we were invited to submit the project in two categories: Distinction in Global Temperature Control and Best Distribution Network Strategy.

The Project was approved in the 1st round by the juries and on November 9th, in Stuttgart, Germany, the final presentation will be made in presence of the juries. On that night, throughout the ceremony, the winners will be officially revealed.

Uruguay Smart Services: ¿Why Uruguay, what advantages does it offer?

AstraZeneca: Uruguay offers a very favorable legislation for this type of operation, a political and legal stability as well as qualified workforce, with an open mentality to successfully implement projects such as these.

Uruguay Smart Services: ¿How did Uruguay come under AstraZeneca’s consideration?

AstraZeneca: The operational benefits (such as the free port laws or the free trade zone laws) are very well known in the different industrial sectors, especially in Brazil. The key aspect for AZ was to get acquainted with the country and its infrastructure, understanding the application of the laws and counting with deeply rooted support from our local branch.

Uruguay Smart Services: Moving forward ¿do you have any plans for expansion or development of other business lines?

AstraZeneca: In the near future we will be adding volumes for finished products imported to Uruguay and as well finished and bulk products sent to Argentina. The consolidation of this freight alongside containers with Brazil as final destination will allow AstraZeneca to implement long hauls by sea to destinations that, individually, do not count with volumes that justify this type of modality. In 2018 sending bulk freight to Brazil is also under consideration.

For Uruguay it is an honor to host this type of high-value Project that represent the highest international standards in terms of quality and efficiency.



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