The only airport free zone in South America providing value-added logistics services for a smarter, safer and leaner distribution to the region


MVD Free Airport is a multimodal Airport Free Zone in Montevideo and the only Airport Free Zone in Latin America. With a comprehensive solution that encompasses an attractive tax-exemption regime, GDP compliant infrastructure and processes and a carefully designed client-centered information system, MVD Free Airport enables safe, cost-efficient and quality oriented last-mile distribution in South America always placing the client’s peace of mind at the center of its organizational strategy.

Being the only multimodal airport free zone in Latin America, MVD Free Airport can receive and dispatch cargo arriving by land, sea or air enabling customized last-miles as well as the possibility to perform any given type of value added activity to the cargo less than 200 meters away from the tarmac. It provides solutions to Fortune 1000 clients and SMEs in a diverse range of industries including pharma, high-tech, spare parts, textiles, amongst others.

A value-added enabler for all Latin American business, MVD Free Airport is a key player in the smart supply chain management of any organization with stakes in the region.

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Corporate Background

MVD Free Airport
TCU Terminal de Cargas del Uruguay
Corporación America Airports

MVD Free Airport is a strategic business unit of TCU.S.A. dedicated to the commercialization and provision of regional distribution services in several industry verticals including pharmaceutical, clinical trial, animal health, medical devices, high-tech, luxury and spare parts.

TCU S.A. operates 100% of all air freight coming to or departing from Uruguay. With a team comprised of more than 300 direct and indirect contributors and a 24/7 operation, TCU has acquired operational know-how in the most diverse industries including pharma, high-tech, perishables, textiles, luxury goods amongst others. It is part of Corporacion America Airports (NYSE:CAAP)

Corporacion América Airports (NYSE:CAAP) is an Argentine holding company which based on its dynamism and adaptability, has successfully developed completely diverse enterprises in highly competitive markets around the world. At present, it shows a model of business and commercial strategy in each of the markets where it operates. It is present in three continents and ten countries by administrating and operating more than 50 airports. Within the activities developed, it stands out for its operational and commercial management of airports, fuelling, cargo, cold storage and other related services. www.corporacionamerica.com