MVD Finalizes Blueprint for Pharma Hub Phase 2

Montevideo, December 4th 2018

MVD Free Airport’s Pharma Hub 2 to begin construction Q1 2019

Given the official confirmation of the commencement of several regional distribution projects throughout 2019, MVD Free Airport will begin the construction of phase 2 of its Pharma Hub Masterplan in Q1 2019. This will include additional capacities in +15+25, +2+8 temp ranges as well as additional areas for secondary conditioning and office space.

“We are very satisfied with the rate in which global shippers have confirmed interest and are commencing and validating pilots”, mentioned Bruno Guella, Managing Director at MVD Free Airport. “When we built phase 1 of the Pharma Hub we were confident it would be well accepted, but the reality exceeded expectations what makes us feel proud considering the high level of demand of an industry such as pharma”, he concluded.

Today, the pharma hub is utilized by a number of global pharma players for cross docking operations to the large regional markets such as Brazil/Argentina, for late customization and conditioning activities, as well as for their managed access distribution to South America.

Karina Sales, Head of Quality Assurance at MVD Free Airport added that “Being up to the global quality standards of leading pharmaceutical companies has been an arduous challenge, yet we’ve been able to live up to expectation primarily by understanding as an organization the underlying implications of pharma distribution”, she mentioned.  It’s not only a matter of infrastructure, information systems and processes, it’s a matter of caring for the product and the patient. Understanding that is key to building a total quality culture in the organization”, she concluded.


MVD Free Airport is a business unit of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports and cargo terminals across 3 continents. It is a multimodal distribution center specialized in temperature-controlled supply chain, operating as the first and only free airport in South America.

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