The arrival of Lufthansa Cargo’s new aircraft strengthens the transit of cargo between Uruguay, Europe and the rest of the world.

Montevideo, September 12th 2017


The arrival of Lufthansa Cargo’s new aircraft strengthens the transit of cargo between Uruguay, Europe and the rest of the world


MVD Free Airport, Carrasco International Airport’s business unit that operates a multimodal distribution center in Uruguay’s largest airport, received Lufthansa Cargo’s new and modern aircraft with greater functionalities and capacities.

The Boeing 777 Freighter, which arrived on Friday, September 8th, will be transporting cargo to MVD Free Airport weekly, in one of the two weekly frequencies that Lufthansa Cargo operates, substituting one of its current aircrafts, the MD11F (McDonnell Douglas). This upgrade takes place at a very special moment for the airport, currently incrementing its participation in the transit of pharmaceutical cargo proceeding from the largest markets in Europe, Asia and North America, with destination in some of the larger countries in the region.

“It is very important to strengthen the routes with Europe, and especially with Germany, one of the main origins of pharmaceutical products for South America”, said MVD Free Airport’s Managing Director, Bruno Guella.
“The new B777F operated by Aerologic (the name of the cargo Company resulting in the strategic Alliance between Lufthansa Cargo and DHL Express) is an aircraft with a very large capacity, which will increment the supply of warehouse space for all flights between Montevideo and Frankfurt”, mentioned Lufthansa’s manager for Uruguay Operations, Eduardo González.

“The capacity of the aircraft measured in tons is 25% larger than the previous MD11F and allows for the transportation of 27 containers in the main warehouse (AMJ) and 32 containers in the inferior warehouse (LD3)”, Gonzalez explained.

MVD Free Airport recently inaugurated its Pharma Hub, a regional distribution center unique in South America, focused on the provision of distribution services for global pharmaceutical companies in the region, and since inauguration has been selected by several leading pharma companies for the distribution of their products to the largest markets in South America.

Güella added that the main objective is to “continue attracting cargo flows that utilize Uruguay as a hub for the realization of value added services and the optimization of their supply chain to countries in the region.”
MVD Free Airport is part of Corporación America, the parent Company that also manages the concessions of the Carrasco International Airport and Punta Del Este Airport in Uruguay, alongside over 50 airports and 10 cargo terminals in 10 countries across 3 continents.

MVD Free Airport is a business unit of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

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