MVD Free Airport Present at Logipharma for 4th Consecutive Year

Montreux, April 9th 2018


MVD Free Airport Present at Logipharma for 4th Consecutive Year

MVD Free Airport was present for 4th consecutive year at the prestigious Logipharma event taking place in Montreux, Switzerland.  “It is a great opportunity to discuss issues that matter with the pharma community at large, and present a perspective oriented towards the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets”, mentioned MVD Free Airport’s Head of Client Advisory Maximiliano Lema. “We noticed a widespread interest from the pharma community as a whole regarding the enhancement of their supply chain strategy in locations where the main commercial opportunities may await, but that also present obstacles and uncertainty.”

The MVD Free Airport delegation did notice a widespread interest regarding centralizing regional distribution for South America via Uruguay, with several shippers looking to replicate some of the successful models implemented at MVD Free Airport. “The administrative agility for all transit processes, the proximity to Brazil and Argentina, the possibility to operate from a multimodal airport free zone and perform value-added tasks to cargo, it all seems too good to be true for shippers.”, mentioned Hans Guiscardo, Senior Manager at MVD Free Airport. “This interest has also awoken interest on behalf of the airlines, which are receiving inquiries from forwarders and carriers alike regarding dedicated pharma routes from Europe to Montevideo, for customized last-mile distribution to the region.”

MVD Free Airport continues raising the bar in South American pharma distribution, currently working on the executive project for Phase 2 of its temperature-controlled facility. “Moving at this pace is definitely challenging, yet we look forward to continuing to fulfill and exceed expectations, always putting the patient at the center of our organizational strategy”, Guiscardo concluded.



MVD Free Airport is a business unit of Corporación America, the largest airport operator in the world with a network of over 50 airports across 3 continents.

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