Our state of the art facilities include the highest security standards to guarantee the safety and integrity of the cargo. The security infrastructure includes the following:

100% X-Ray cargo screening capability for export cargo

Dual Vision X-Ray machines for LD containers and single pallets

Explosive & Drug Trace Detectors

Explosive detecting dog patrol

Walk-through Metal Detectors (checkpoint access to restricted areas)

Real time CCTV surveillance

We offer a wide range of infrastructure solutions to meet the most specific client requirements while maintaining best-in-class quality standards.

MVD Pharma Hub

Total Capacity 9600 m3 40 x 22 in area and 12,50 m in height

15º a 25º chamber: 720 pallet positions

2º a 8º C chamber: 120 pallet positions


Value-Added Areas

Docks with coating


  • Air treatment system HVAC - ROBATHERM. Units equipped with high-precision temperature and humidity control sensors

  • Data registry within 10 minute intervals with programmed alarms via SMS and email

  • All equipment under full compliance of data protection and inviolability laws and validated by NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology - USA).


  • 380 V system, Diesel generator model DFEJ 50 Hz, with 500 KVA capacity.

  • Special movement sensors for high altitudes (2.5 to 10m), nominal tensión: 230 V.


  • 20 CCTV cameras

  • Central Access Monitoring System –Lenel system

  • Edwards fire control system


  • IQ - OQ - PQ

  • CEIV - IATA (in process).

  • Fully trained team in SOP and best practices.

General Cargo Warehouse

7000 m2

Airside over ramp – cargo dedicated tarmac ( 3 min distance)

Landside 14 docks (imports) + 11 docks (exports)

+1200 rack positions for general cargo

Value Added Services Area

+3000 m2 dedicated to specific value added activities

Business Center

3500m2 of office space tailored to clients specific needs. Set up administrative support offices close to your cargo and operations.

Logistics Park Project

80.000 sqm expansión área for new warehouse facilities

Free Airport regime

Inside airport boundaries

Direct connection to runways